Friday, October 3, 2014

KOWTOW NEW SEASON : Spring/Summer 2014, Solid Light

Inspired by the minimalist art scene's exploration of light and space, Kowtow's 15th collection Solid Light draws on the works of renowned masters in this field.  References to the concepts espoused by the minimalists form the basis of Kowtow’s new Spring/Summer 2014/15 collections where their classic androgynous cuts play with contrasting sharp lines and with the organic curves of the human body. 

Panels and pleats add structure and shape to the Solid Light Dress (above on bottom left), the Shutter Trench, and the Installation Dress (above at top right).

The Light Me Up Cardigan (below on bottom left) and the Solid Light Dress (above on bottom left) are oversized garments that create the perfect foil layered with tailored styles such as the Speed of Light Blazer (below at top right).


Please note that this iconic Kiwi brand is extremely popular and styles sell faster than you can say "I heart Kowtow", so don't delay or risk disappointment. 


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