Saturday, January 11, 2014


We love Baggu and we have more instore right now.  If you are into leather that feels like the rosy cheek of a new born baby and design that is simple, no fuss, sometimes a little playful and sometimes a little sexy then you should check it out!  Baggu small bags, totes, purses, key pouches and clutches are handmade in New York (by Mermaids washed up on Manhatten Island in the last storm) out of the finest milled leather in a mesmerising range of colours that changes kaleidoscopically with each season.  And for the tawny enthusiasts amongst us the shades of brown are very satisfactory indeed.  The fastenings are solid and of the best quality and the pocket design is uncomplicated. 
My staff all love the floppy small and medium bags (the small is a great evening handbag and the medium fits comfortably as a shoulder bag) and I myself love the oversized tote as I am someone who cannot leave the house without a bottle of water, eyeliner, a notebook, a novel, a banana, the wallet/phone/sunglass combo, sunblock, a few buttons, a hipflask, a nail file, old bills, a band aid, dental floss, lip balm, some glitter, a spoon (in case i buy some yoghurt).....

Clutch in persimmon
 Clutch in midnight suede

Key pouch in gold

Key pouch in saffron

 Medium bag in mahogany

 Basic tote in gold

 Oversized tote in caramel

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