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After looking far and wide for THE watch to stock instore, an inspiration from a friend, a flight to London, a jetlagged but friendly meeting in a Clerkenwell showroom, a 'Uniform Wares selfie' and a beer at a release party I am very pleased to welcome Uniform Wares watches to our brandlist at The Flock.  

Selecting a range of Uniform Wares watches to carry at The Flock

At the Uniform Wares release party during the London Design Festival

Established in 2009 by product designers Oliver Fowles and Patrick Bek, Uniform Wares designs and produces timepieces based around a philosophy that is firmly loyal to classic British design, combined with innovative engineering and pared back, contemporary styling.  These watches are intended for everyday use by individuals with an eye for meticulous detail and a love of modern design.  

The design of each new watch is conceived and developed in the Uniform Wares East London offices but a commitment to horological precision means the movements are handpicked from the best Swiss and Japanese manufacturers, whilst the straps are made from Italian or British calf or goat leather, or Italian UV resistant rubber.  A diligent concern with robust materials, beautiful casings and surface finishes results in outstanding timepieces and the consideration that goes into producing each collection is a slow process which means each new series is released in small, highly covetable quantities.


The 104 series is an updated version of the 100 series which is the cornerstone of Uniform Wares watches from which the company has developed.   The simple and functional design is reminiscent of utilitarian British wall clocks.  This watch features a Swiss-made movement in a two-part case.  The case body is matt bead-blasted, off-setting the texture of the brushed bezel and case back.  The 104 Series rubber straps are made from a highly durable, UV-resistant polyurethane with a matt-textured finish. These straps will mould to the shape of your wrist over time and are great for day-to-day wear.  


This series is a contemporary interpretation of what defines a classic British dress watch.  This watch features an ultra-slim silhouette with a 35mm case design that still maintains contemporary angles and curves.  The lined and tapered strap is half stitched to imitate classic detailing and it is made from calf or goat leather.  The 152/PL-02 features a stainless steel case, alabaster tinted dial, polished aluminum hands and indexes in laquered black with a black strap.  The 152/RG-02 features a stainless steel case in a satin brushed finish, with an oyster grey dial and hands in mirror-plated rose gold with a walnut leather strap. 

The 152/PL-02

The 152/RG-02


My personal favourite, the 203 series is a comprehensive update on the original 200 collection which was inspired by industrial engineering dials and has a distinctive clean and minimal aesthetic. The large 40mm two-part case features a bezel that resembles a billet of milled steel. It houses a Swiss movement with a second hand that adds traditional horological detail, and a larger date aperture window.  The dial of each watch has a unique textured finish and index design.  In addition, each style has a naturally-tanned premium Italian or British thick calf leather strap.  The 152/RG-02 features a PVD rose gold stainless steel case in a  satin-brushed finish complemented by a shimmer-plated, pewter grey dial which reflects light and a polished, rose gold aluminium second hand and walnut leather strap.  This combination of colour and texture is effortlessly stylish and infinitely wearable. The 203/KK04 is industrial and elegant.  It features a smoke-grey stainless steel case with a dark grey dial and pale grey laquered hands and index.  The strap is premium black leather.

 The 152/RG-02

The 203/KK04 

At Uniform Wares the development of each watch follows an exacting process from initial design ideas through to final production. Designing each watch always begins with lively conversation amongst the design team to define what their customers will require from their timepiece.  They believe the Uniform Wares wearer expects subtle functionality, a high level of quality manufacture, distinctive technical surface treatments and a unique contemporary approach to wristwatch design, which is exactly what you get with their beautifully engineered watches.

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