Monday, May 2, 2011

Thrive Clothing in for Winter

Come Fly With Me....

Thrive Autumn/Winter '11

We have just received winter clothing from THRIVE - another fantastic NZ made label we are ever so proud to stock. Their winter range "Come Fly With Me" features an aviation-themed print, draping scarves and merino cardigans (and more...) and celebrates the glory days of flight, when being a "hostess" was such a glamorous occupation.

Thrive is also the home of the infamous
"Thunderpants" - which we also stock here at Flock.

Thunderpants are now ORGANIC!... New and Improved, Thunderpants are now made from
Organic Cotton. Still the same original comfy design, cut to fit and built to last!
organic fibres are grown and spun into threads in Indonesia then knitted, dyed, printed, and manufactured in NZ, making this a truly sustainable and eco-conscious product. Wear with pride, wear NZ made, and wear organic.

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