Monday, May 19, 2014


This new and innovative paper has completely revolutionalised the way we look at paper. Developed in Hong Kong, Repap paper uses stone not trees, less water in the production process, and is 100% recyclable, meaning it's completely sustainable and eco-friendly. Instead of chopping down trees, 80% of Repap is made from limestone recovered from quarries and building industry waste, and the remaining 20% from non-toxic resins. These non-toxic resins are what gives the paper its astonishing durability, water resistance, and luxurious smoothness. Experiments have been conducted here at The Flock, so we can vouch for it's amazing tear resistant properties. You can even say good bye to paper cuts!

Enter Italian design brand Ogami, who turns this beautiful paper into stylish notebooks. Sold only in the very best stationers, design stores, and art galleries around the world, we are one of the few retailers that we know of in New Zealand to stock these very styly notebooks. Marching out the door by the bundle by writers, artists, designers, the design conscious, and simply anyone who enjoys putting pen to paper, get yours in store and coming soon on line.

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