Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Okay boys, here's a post for you.

My new barber is Chris Terry at New City Barbers. At The Flock I need to look as amazing as the stock we sell and Chris is a very important part of the equation. If you're like me then the barber shop model of hairdressing (can I say hairdressing?) is perfect as no booking is required, there is no fuss, and cuts are a good price for cheap asses. My problem has always been that the experience itself has never been cool. I'm sorry, I need cool. The conventional surroundings are usually either sterile or faux 'ye olde', neither of which are my style, and the haircuts are often a bit iffy. Never fear guys, now we have New City Barbers - Problem solved.

                                Barbers Chris Terry and Cut Throat Jim.

                               Hang up your coat - at your own risk wahaahaaaa.

                                       Sit here with beer.

                                The waiting room coffee table. You'll be talking, not reading.

    Or you might be killing it on the board.

                       I can't repeat this topic of conversation.

Located in the formerly bustling central city of Christchurch, New City Barbers is a word-of-mouth business budged out the back of the NG building in an impossibly low foot traffic area that faces onto a wasteland where buildings once stood proud pre-quake. 

    The NG Building on Madras - New City's home

Chris takes a more traditional angle on the barber shop experience. He wants New City Barbers to be a place where men can come and just Be. Conversation is encouraged between everyone in the shop, and judging from my experience today any topics are a go. He offers a hot shave with a real cut throat razor, about which he seems to know a hell of a lot. You may even be lucky to have a Wigrim Breweries Pilsner, or choose a whiskey from the selection to sip as you get the once over.

All of this happens in a renovated workshop that has been effortlessly styled. Let the photos speak for themselves.

                                            Cut Throat Jim has a lot of ladies.


                                      Boris the Banzai gets cut for free.

Go and see Chris or Jim today. Don't tell them I sent you.

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