Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Oh my god can I please just live here. This Waiheke accomodation has hit the nail on the head with every aspect of their experience. Ok, so I haven't actually been there yet, but when I close my eyes and visualise snapshots of paradise, they pretty much match these photos bang on.  

Our attention was drawn to the existence of Oyster Inn because the super talented Katie Lockhart was snagged for the interior design work . The rooms all have furniture by British design geniuses Another Country, check out their site it should make you drool.  

The restaurant menu showcases the freshest seafood from the area, and there are a few free-range pork options that I would find it hard to say no to. I could go on and on but you may as well just check out their site for yourself to see the rest. I'm just going to sit back and close my eyes....

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