Monday, May 14, 2012

Getting cosy in Sumner

(photo: Lilith Crawford used with permission)

If you want to see something woolly, colourful, square and big, just head out to Sumner for the Giant Container Cosy that is now brightening up our village.   Since the installation last week for the Sumner Street Party it has made many people smile and hopefully brightened up their day.

The idea to create a Container Cosy came alive in late August 2011 when Sumner resident Christine wanted to pretty up the daunting looking shipping containers that line the Sumner streets.
Women from all over New Zealand, Australia  and Europe knitted and crocheted up a storm of more than 800 amazing looking squares. There are flowers, hearts and embroidery and every imaginable crazy pattern one can come up with but also "beginners" squares from people who just learned to knit.  We think that the goal to make the locals and visitors smile has succeeded!

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