Thursday, June 2, 2011

Escape to Lonely Wood

Forest Hunter

Flying Lesson

The Ferryman (detail)

The Ferryman

Alaina Rhind's art work reminds us of modern and quirky fairy tale illustrations for adults, just like the title of her recent series, Escape to Lonely Wood. One can imagine the characters are on a long and dangerous journey to a far away enchanted forest, to maybe join a secret tea party or play hide and seek.

If you want find out more about
Alaina Rhind, the latest issue of Homestyle New Zealand magazine (June/July 2011) has just written a great article about her, or you can visit her website.
The Ferryman (above) is pencil and acrylic on Arches watercolour paper and is now available as a glicee print here at Flock.

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