Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Happy New Year from Flock

Happy New Year to you! Ours was spent snoring our heads off - the perfect start to the year for two knackered people. At home our New Year enthusiasm is directed at the garden (Emma) and crosshatching with ballpoint pens (Billy). This year at Flock we are focused on bringing more awesome NZ (and some Australian) craft, design and art talent out of the closet and into the street. We want to increase our range of clothing for boys and girls and also find more clever jewellery for you to goggle over. Also keep a look out for more drawing and printmaking instore. Right now, we are really enjoying some amazing ceramic design. The vases pictured are from Rachel Carter in Auckland. They are glossy and powdery at the same time and come in three sizes. Grannies and youngies alike are enjoying them at Flock.

We hope 2011 brings you much success and joy and nice still, solid ground (fellow Christchurch people).

x Emma and Billy

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  1. Hello Emma & Billy! Your shop looks wonderful. I wondered if you would be interested in stocking Extra Curricular magazine? Recently I asked readers where they would like to see the magazine stocked and you were suggested... I can't find an email address for you though. If you are interested, take a peek at
    or flick me an email at and I can send you more info. All the best, Ellie